Work Fruit: How to Find The Best Fruit Picking Jobs in Your Area?

Work Fruit

Work Fruit

Fruit picking jobs are the perfect short term employment choices for people who love travelling, meeting new people, and living a rustic life. Fruit picking jobs are seasonal and depend on where which fruit is harvesting. In other words, you would have to live life like a nomad, constantly searching for new orchards and plantations to indulge in work fruit picking.

If constantly sweating and fighting thorns on the shrubs while plucking berries does not deter you from pursuing this beautiful career option, here are a few ways you can find the finest (and more lucrative) work fruit picking jobs in your area.

Know your terrain well

Since work fruit picking is geography and season based, there is always the fear of being on the ‘wrong side of the planet’. Make sure you are well informed about which fruits grow where and which season they are harvested in. Maintain a diary, note down important crops and the terrain they are grown, and you might have your own travel schedule keeping you busy all year.

Generally harvest seasons are effectively spaced so you would have fun globetrotting and work fruit picking on a per hour basis, without your fruit picking job calendar schedules ever overlapping.

For starters, rely on backpacker hostels

Most backpacker hostels have a wide range of contacts with local ranch owners and orchard managers. If you drop by a backpacker hostel, you would have all the information you require to get started. More importantly, you would build contacts and start out on a high note, since people in farms and villages are nicer and more accommodating to newcomers than city folks. If the hostel you choose is neat and well maintained, you could consider spending the season living there with a bed and bath rental too. Most backpacker hostels host fellow work fruit pickers, and you would have company when you are out in the wilderness.

If you have farm expertise, you wouldn’t run short of work fruit jobs

Experience with mechanical work tools, ability to drive tractors on rough fields, and ranch work knowledge could make you command higher wages, better jobs, and quality work fruit picking assignments.

Most farms do not require college degrees and high education levels. But if you are well qualified academically, you would get hired in a ranch with a managerial position and occasional high paying work fruit picking assignments.

Consider work fruit packing jobs in the shed if you hate working outdoors

If you are not very comfortable working out in the scorching heat or you are allergic to the fruits you are asked to pick, you can consider shed work with the girls as a fruit (or meat) packer. Packer jobs are also widely available and are great for people who want a rustic life but aren’t happy travelling around the world.

Moreover, what attracts people to fruit packing jobs is that the compensation you get here is much better than what you earn in fruit picking assignments. You could also consider searching for work fruit jobs online and build a network so you are never without work.