Work Fruit: Work Your Brain With Fresh Fruit

Work Fruit

Work Fruit

A healthy diet is important to keep the body fit and the mind focused. Nutrition is vital to make sure that the body functions at optimal levels both physically and mentally.

Fruit is one of the best sources of natural nutrients and energy. Fruit provides the multivitamins, mineral and antioxidants needed for the proper functioning of the mind and body.

Research shows that fruit stimulates brain functions by providing essential nutrients in the diet. If you diet is well-balanced and consists of healthy amounts of all the food groups recommended, for good health, especially fresh fruit, not just your body but also your mind will function at its best.

Whereas foods like white flour, white sugar and other processed carbohydrates and fats are what are termed “brain blockers”, fresh fruit is the exact opposite; it acts as brain fuel, making the mind alert, focused and healthy.

Fruit is rightly referred to as the ultimate brain food as it is nutrient dense and provides an abundance of vitamins and minerals that are essential for proper brain function.

Doctors recommend fruit not just for general health purposes but also to improve mental capacity. Many pediatricians advise parents to make sure that their school going children load up on fruit not just for physical health but also to make their minds stronger and help them perform better at school. Fruits are recommended because they help students cope better with school tests, exams etc.

The naturally occurring sugars in fruit provide energy, stimulate the brain and keep blood sugar levels stable for a prolonged period. Compare this to the energy rush provided by foods containing white sugar such as candy, condiments and soft drinks; they do provide instant energy but the trouble is that this type of energy is short lived and extremely unstable. It shortly leads to a lowering effect on energy levels, leaving people sluggish, slow, tired and even depressed.

Although all types of fruits are great for their effect on the brain, a few are particularly good as they have a far more effective impact on brain cells due to the nutrients they contain.

Darker-colored berries like blueberries and blackberries are antioxidant powerhouses and considered by many researchers to be the ultimate brain food.

Citrus fruits such as oranges are loaded with the goodness of vitamin C which is essential in helping prevent brain oxidization.

People who may be sensitive to the high acidity in citrus fruits can substitute fruits such as watermelons and cantaloupes in their diets that provide nearly the same amount of vitamin C as their more popular citrus counterparts.

Olives are another invaluable food for the brain. The high percentage of vitamin E in olives helps prevent the brain tissue oxidization.

It is said that prevention is better than cure. Believe it and work on it by providing the kinds of foods to your loved ones and to your employees that will ensure that they are getting the best nutrients. It is not difficult to feed the brain; you just have to make the choice of switching to fresh fruits to do it the easiest way possible.