Office Fruit Delivery Is Hip & Trendy: You Should Talk to Your Boss to Also Have It!

Office Fruit Delivery

Office Fruit Delivery

Most companies are known to erect huge basketball courts, tennis courts, and have complimentary cafeterias in their office campuses citing ‘employee welfare’. If money isn’t a huge deterrent for the management of your industry, you could try and convince them to initiate office fruit delivery services every day, so you could get fresh and organic fruits and greens to munch on during mid-day breaks and time-offs.

These office fruit delivery boxes wouldn’t cost a lot (and they are way cheaper when you consider the amount your management pays Cafe Coffee Day for the caffeine you drink) and they might steer your colleagues and you to better health and lifestyle.

Specific examples you can refer while asking for office fruit delivery

When you ask your supervisors to provide you an office fruit delivery incentive, there would be raised eyebrows everywhere. After all, in the present era of burgers, pizzas, and croissants, who would want to have something lik daily fresh fruit? And hey, have you forgotten about the times when you were scoffed at in school for getting fresh banana pieces as supplements for lunch? Deal with the naysayers with patience and quote these examples that will get them thinking, and probably switch them over to vegan diets too.

1. People who eat more of orange and greens are filled with carotenoids and are de-stressed and optimistic as a result. They tend to have lesser nervous breakdowns and hypertension ailments.

2. Strawberries and blueberries eaten once a week or more can save you from potential heart attacks and cardiac arrests.

3. The exact correlation between milk and cerebral acumen is unknown but research confirms that 67% of the Nobel Prize winners came from countries heavily into milk-drinking.

4. Gluten free diets and loads of fresh veggies and fruits everyday could save you from Celiac, the trendy rich men’s disease that could be fatal.

There are plenty of more examples you could get online and in health journals. There is no denying that office fruit delivery services can improve the general health and well being in your work place and help your colleagues deal with frustration, loss of concentration, and fatigue naturally.

Office fruit delivery is the trendiest incentive you could get at work

When asked about what people want to rectify in their health and eating practices, almost everybody hoped to go green and lose weight, quit smoking, and reduce their dependency on nicotine, caffeine, and colas at work. Thus, when you propose office fruit delivery plans in a conference, you would ideally be seconded by many co-workers.

Of course, completely doing away with the free pizzas and coffees at work is not a great idea. People are emotionally dependent on these foods and may take a while or more to change track. The idea is to gently change food habits and not strictly reinforce office fruit delivery to everyone at work.

Ask your bosses to ideally order one or two exotic boxes of fruits for a month. Considering the number of people who binge on fruits, they can increase the number of office fruit delivery boxes gradually. We are sure this initiative would be met with thunderous applause.

Are you committed to making your office a healthier and happier place to work in? Go ask your boss today!