Feeling Low on Energy” Guess What: Eating Fruit Works! Here is Your Checklist of 10 Possible Fruits to Buy!

Fruit Works!

Fruit WorksA long day in a deadline driven corporate environment will always lead you to feel low on energy at some point. Do you head to the cafeteria for a cup of coffee when you need a wake up shot? What if we tell you that munching fruit works better than the caffeine and nicotine laced drinks you are addicted to? Read on to browse through the top ten fruits that you need to have stocked to drive melancholy and stress away.

#1. Bananas

According to popular research, bananas are known to provide enough energy for a 100 minute strenuous work out in the gym. Laden with vitamin B, carbohydrates, fibers, and three important types of natural sugars, bananas are known to be great energy providers. Eating the banana fruit works!

#2. Dates

Since dates are the best possible energizing fruits available, Moslems in Arabia are known to gorge on them after a long day of fasting during Ramadan! Dates contain a whopping 32 grams of glucose for every 100 grams of flesh. Eating this fruit works too!

#3. Apples

Though apples have considerably low levels of glucose in them, eating the fruit works if you want to instantly freshen up. Apples, according to research, are known to be more effective than coffee in waking you up in the morning, since they are packed with antioxidants and a lot of stimulating neuro transmitters.

#4. Blueberries

In case you feel sluggish after a long day at work, popping a few blueberry fruit works just fine. Blueberries are an excellent source of vitamins and minerals. Their antioxidants and fiber content is digested slowly producing enough energy to refresh you and keep you going all day.

#5. Peaches

For those who follow low carbohydrate diets and still need their energy levels enhanced, peaches are a great option to bank on. Peaches are delicious, easily available, and instantly make you feel light, active and raring to go. Does this fruit work? Yes, it does. In combination with many other fruits, peaches complete your RDA requirements superbly.

#6. Plums

Plums are a wonderful source of vitamins A, B and C, and whole lot of other minerals. They are fabulous natural laxatives and can replenish your energy levels almost instantly. More importantly, their wonderful color is enough to make a pallid day instantly bright and beautiful. Munching on the plum fruit works well.

#7. Grapes

Grapes are loaded with water and vitamin B1 – both of which are natural energy boosters. Plus, it has folic acid in the flesh that immediately makes you active and increases your concentration levels. Eating grape fruit works and works quite fabulously – especially when you are feeling stressed and pressured at work.

#8. Strawberries

While strawberries are not ‘great’ energy suppliers, they have many benefits on your overall health. They clean blood, clean your teeth, are a great source of fiber, and better than oranges when it comes to enhancing the oxygenating process of blood. Moreover, they do provide you energy too, which is why this fruit works.

#9. Oranges

Oranges are reputed to be the eternal ‘feel good’ fruit. If an apple a day keeps the doctor away, an orange away keeps melancholy away. Loaded with citrus and vitamins, oranges are natural energy sources and make you feel light and agile too. Orange fruit works quite well in the office.

#10. Watermelons

Watermelons, like grapes, are high in water content and high in vitamin B, making them ideal energy sources, on hot days. These fruits work well when eaten with other fruits too.

Avocados, gooseberries, and many other fruits also provide you loads of energy and must be eaten from time to time. However, for instant energy replenishment needs, these fruits work quite well, especially for working professionals.