How to Find the Best Fruit Suppliers in Your Area: 4 Tips to Help You

Fruit Suppliers

Fruit Suppliers

Having regular fruits at work are the best ways to ensure optimum employee health, longevity and happiness. Serving fruit platters not only replenishes energy immediately but also ensures that addictives like coffee and chocolate are kept at bay. However, simply deciding to have fruits at work is not enough. To make the initiative work optimally, you must find good fruit suppliers to provide your staff with attractive, fresh fruit within your budget regularly.

With several fruit suppliers available around you, it is tough to choose one efficient long term provider. We have listed down four important considerations you must keep in mind before choosing the best supplier for your office.

Tip #1: Make sure the fruit suppliers deliver good quality fruits consistently

You might want to browse through client feedback to check if the fruit suppliers have a history of being able to supply good quality fruits regularly. Whether it is seasonal fruits or the ubiquitously available ones in the market, your employees must benefit from fresh organically cultivated fruits. Do not accept processed fruit (even if it is ‘just’ apricots or dates).

Furthermore, make sure your fruit supplier has several fruit varieties available. Sending eclectic fruit box assortments to your office would help keep the surprise element intact.

Tip #2: Is your fruit supplier on time every time?

Decide when you want fruit to be made available in the office. Would you want your staff to enjoy fruit slices periodically? Do you want to offer fruit desserts after lunch? Or would you rather ask for afternoon munchies, probably around 3 or 4 pm? Depending on the time you want your fruits delivered, choose reliable fruit suppliers.

Most offices do not have particular delivery times. They accept fruits delivered any time all day. However, if you’d like to make fruit platters available during a certain time, make sure you take into account the timeliness factor of the fruit suppliers too.

Tip #3: You might want to consider first level fruit suppliers

For offices in the city centre, finding a first level fruit supplier, straight out of a farm, is highly impossible. However, if you are located near the fringes of the city and there are sprawling ranches, plantations, and orchards nearby, you might want to consider ordering regular fruit boxes directly from the farmers’. This way, you are sure the quality and the freshness remains intact.

Besides, when you consider the dealing from the financial point of view, you tend to save a lot of money in the long run through first level fruit suppliers.

Tip #4: Does the fruit supplier in question offer adequate customer support?

Occasionally, there may be orders cancelled, urgent deliveries, short notice demands, and large fruit orders necessary. You would need to ensure if your fruit suppliers are customer oriented and offer you flexibility in your orders. You could contact a few referrals from the official websites and check if they have had customer support problems with the supplier and then make a final decision.

Choosing the right fruit supplier is very important for your office fruit needs. Take the time to research and compare rates and service. In the end you would find it worth the trouble!