Visit a Fruit Shop in Your City Every Week! Your Body and Health Will Be In Good Shape: Read These 5 Reasons Why

Fruit Shop

Fruit Shop

Thanks to Wal-Mart and other retail department stores around the country, we have all forgotten about what it is to visit fruit shops and street markets for fresh fruits and veggies. Most professionals find their overall ‘happiness quotient’ diminishing each passing year. To stay sane and cope with the pressures, they eventually take up yoga and spiritual living. Some of them completely give up their careers and jet set to some farmland and live a happy peasant’s life.

Well, if you visit a fruit shop or a farmer’s market at least once a week, and bask in the various colors and smells on display, you can have a thriving career with loads of health and happiness. Does this seem like something you’d like to try? Read on to know how weekly visits to the local fruit shop can enhance your lifestyle.

Reason 1: Fresh fruits at a fruit shop are always a delight

No matter which fruit store you visit, you’d instantly cheer up looking at the chromatic mélange around you. Lots of greens, reds, oranges, and peaches adorn the shelves. Most of them look ripe, fresh, and have lovely smells emanating through them. Granted, if there is one way to make a non-fruit eater turn fruit aficionado, get them along to a fruit shop and the transformation would be instant.

Reason 2: Fruit shops are known to whet your appetite

Fruit shops make you want more of fruits, which is a great thing for you and your family. The more fruit you buy, the more fruit you consume, the better your health would get.

Reason 3: A fruit shop is the best place to know more about seasonal fruits

You love grapes but are not sure when you can shop for them; you feel watermelons are found only in summer – is your seasonal fruit know-how that outdated? Well, why don’t you visit a fruit shop to get updated about your favorite fruits instantly? Most farmers are very friendly and would be most willing to discuss seasonal fruit availability and peak seasons with you, so you know when to expect what fruits in the market.

Reason 4: You might be able to try lesser known fruits at a fruit shop

We’re sure you’ve never tried rhubarbs, gooseberries, and pitayas. If you would like to try them out, a fruit shop in your city would be the best place. Most fruit store owners are willing to let you sample fruits you’ve never tasted, more so, if you are a regular customer. You could take your family along for fruit sampling trip too.

Reason 5: Most farmers at fruit shops can tell you how to eat fruit well

Sugared melons taste really wonderful and apples with a dash of pepper make for a gorgeous evening snack. Similar fruit eating recommendations can be offered by farmers at fruit shops too, if you take the time off to sit and have a chat over fruit dishes. What is more, they might even edify you about the various ways you can cut fruit attractively and how to make wonderful fruit salads.


A visit to a local fruit shop is thus, one of the best ways you can stay healthy and consume a variety of fruits regularly.