Fruit of the Month: An Overview of the Twelve Months and the Best Fruits

Fruit of the Month

Fruit Of The MonthSince modern food storage options let us have unlimited access to fruits and veggies, the concept of ‘seasonal fruits’ remains unfamiliar to most people. There is a lot of bliss in slicing apples during autumn, sipping on fresh mango pulp in summer, and lapping up blueberries in spring. To ensure you feast on fresh seasonal fruits during their peak, we have composed a ‘fruit of the month’ list to let you know what to specifically request your fruit box vendor to include in your office fruit deliveries. Read on.

1. January – Grape Fruit

The bitter-sour grape fruit of the month, rich in fiber and Vitamin C, is available both in purple and green. Not only does it protect your heart, it aids skin tissue regeneration, and also helps you lose weight. Popping a few grapes can help you evade insomnia and work stress, whilst making your skin glow.

2. February – Rambutan

Rambutan, called mammon chino in Costa Rice, is a relatively obscure fruit of the month. The pink fleshed fruit is a repository of Vitamin C and Gallic Acid, important for detoxification processed. It is sweet, light, and is known to be enriched with antioxidants that kill free radicals in the body.

3. March – Asian Pears

Asian pears look like organically cultivated apples and are deliciously laden with enormous nutrients. They are plucked in spring and make for an ideal March fruit of the month. An Asian pear a day ensures you of a healthy heart and efficient colon cleansing.

4. April – Papayas

Reportedly Christopher Columbus’s favorite fruit, papayas are the best possible fruit of the month specialties you can order. Juicy, scrumptious, and sweet, papayas aid in digestion and improve skin texture. After a strenuous day in the office, papayas are an excellent way of rejuvenation.

5. May – Mangoes

Mangoes are called the king of fruits not without a reason. They are rich, delicious tropical fruits with an exquisite flavor. Mangoes, apart from satiating your taste buds, are also excellent cancer combating foods and alkalize your body.

6. June – Strawberries

Strawberries are tiny pink berries that look wonderful, and are extremely delightful snacks you can devour while at work. This fruit of the month is a rich source of antioxidants and helps in keeping your skin flawless.

7. July – Cherries

Cherries, available in sour and sweet varieties, are reputed super foods packed with vitamins, minerals, and metabolism enhancing components. From ensuring that your sleep patterns are unaffected to making sure your diabetes is at bay cherries have a lot of health benefits and are wonderful fruit of the month choices.

8. August – Plums

Plums are succulent and delicious fruits to munch on during break times in the office. They help you protect your heart, maintain blood pressure, and aid bowel cleansing. Plums are certainly the best fruit of the month to order in August.

9. September – Blackberries

Blackberries are exotic fruits known to have the highest antioxidant concentration amongst berries. Their health benefits are unrivalled and they are known to fix bone, skin, heart, digestive, and liver problems, in addition to combating diabetes and cancer.

10. October – Cox Apples

An apple a day keeps you hale and hearty. They are the ideal fruit of the month that aid weight loss, prevent acne breakouts, are rich sources of fiber and roughage, and are excellent tooth cleansers. Moreover, they are known to combat Alzheimer’s’ and Parkinson’s syndromes.

11. November – Oranges

Orange is a wonderful citrus loaded yellow fruit that brings life to the pallid November winters you spend working. It is a known energy supplier and a rich Vitamin C source. Orange is thus, a superlative winter fruit of the month.

12. December – Tangerines

Tangerine is yet another citrus loaded fruit of the month, with popular health benefits. Its succulent flesh is loaded with antioxidants and fruit based fiber, making it a wonderful after-meal dessert choice.

While your fruit box must have several fruit varieties all year round, you must specifically ask for the fruit of the month as a compliment to ensure seasonal fruit intake. Your delivery vendor would be only too happy to make these seasonal fruits available for you.