Fruit In The Office: Why And How You Should Get Fruit In The Office

Fruit In The Office

Fruit In The Office

Fruit is delicious and nutritious and can be enjoyed anywhere and anytime. The benefits of eating fruits are countless and doctors recommend eating around 4-5 servings of fruit per day for an individual’s optimal health.

The growing trend of consuming healthy foods in the diet has led to schools, hospitals, offices etc. rethinking and restocking their food options that are available at these places.

Schools are now focusing on providing healthy lunches and recess items to students whereas hospitals are also making the effort to providing healthy food not just for their patients but also at staff cafeterias and vending machines.

When it comes to offices and other workplaces, there has also been a shift in food practices compared to how it has been for many years now. Organizations are now recognizing the role that healthy foods play on the personal and professional lives of their employees and are taking a step in the right direction by providing healthy food options to their employees.

The easiest change that any office can bring to make the food available for employees healthier is to introduce fresh fruit into the office food supply. Fresh fruit is healthy, light, fresh and tasty, making it a great option for either snacking during work hours or as part of a light meal at work.

There are many benefits of eating fruit at work. Fruit is light; it does not weigh the stomach down like most processed high calorie foods do which means that you will not feel sluggish, tired or sleepy after eating fruit.

This is a common problem at most workplaces; many workers feel sleepy and even depressed after their lunch hour because of the heavy foods they eat. And since most of the time at work is usually spent sitting, the food rarely gets a chance to be digested properly.

Fruit also contains many nutrients in the form of antioxidants, minerals and vitamins that make the brain alert, sharp and focused and help you concentrate much better on your work and be far more productive.

In order to reap the benefits of having fruit at work, you might have to make a little effort. If you are lucky, then the place you work for has already started the “healthy food movement” at work and is providing a variety of fresh fruits that the employees can choose from as opposed to reaching for candy bars or chips.

In case your cafeteria or vending machine still carry processed and high calorie snacks and meals, it is a good idea to get all the workforce together and file a formal request with your organization for the need to provide healthy alternatives such as fresh fruit that the employees can benefit from. Write down the reasons why you all feel that there should be more fresh fruit available and less of the unhealthy processed stuff.

If all else fails, just take your own fresh fruit to work. This can be easily done by taking apples, pears or bananas in a paper bag with you to work, keeping you fit, light and productive.