Fruit In A Basket: Variety Is Key

Fruit In A Basket

Fruit In A Basket

Variety is truly the spice of life. Even the most exciting things can lose their charm if done the same way over and over again.

Food is no different. Even though we need food at the most basic level for survival, we still need a variety of food, not only to please our taste buds but to sustain us as well since different foods provide different types of nutrients to the body.

When it comes to fruit, variety is again key. The great thing about fruit is that you do not have to think up ways to serve it differently. Granted you can eat fruit either raw or cooked in different ways but fruit is that non-fuss food that can be varied simply by trying out the endless varieties available.

A fruit basket is a great way to gather different kinds of fruits in one place; it accentuates and contrasts the different varieties available in terms of shape, color, flavor, texture and nutrients. The way to make up a good fruit basket is quite simply the variety of fruit you put in it.

Fruit baskets have also always been popular as personal and corporate gifts because they are elegant, healthy and offer a variety of fruits for the recipient to choose from. There are many good fruit basket delivery services that offer a multitude of fruit baskets to choose from. You can either use any of these services or you can easily create your own fruit basket.

Let’s face it; a basket full of different kinds of fruits looks far more appealing compared to one containing just one kind of fruit. A fruit basket can be made up in a plethora of different ways to suit every taste and preference.

A basket of fruit can be as simple as a selection of everyday fruits such as apples, bananas and oranges or a more exotic choice such as mangoes, lychees and dragon fruit. No matter what type of fruit you choose to put in a fruit basket, always remember that the fruit should be as fresh as possible.

When choosing fruit for a fruit basket, think of contrasting textures, colors and flavors when making the selection. For example, crisp apples, juicy oranges, sweet grapes and tart cherries make for a delightful selection for a delicious and healthy fruit basket.

Although putting in a whole pineapple or maybe even a coconut may add that extra exotic oomph to your fruit basket, it is always a good idea to have the kind of fruit in a basket that can be easily picked up and eaten. For example, a pear can be easily grabbed and munched on compared to say, a kiwifruit.

Also think about the longevity of your fruit basket. Choose ripe but firm fruits that will last a good few days without going too soft. That is the reason why soft fruit such as strawberries should be chosen and placed with care so that they do not go soft or get squashed amongst the other firmer fruit in the basket.