Fruit Boxes Come in All Sizes and Flavors: How to Fill the Fruit Box That Is Perfect for You

Fruit Boxes

Fruit Boxes

Ordering fruit boxes for your office is the best way to keep your employees happy, rejuvenated, and healthy all day. Not only would fruits at work minimize job stress, but also enhance the overall health of your staff and reduce the number of sick leaves processed. Searching for a particular fruit box type is a bad idea since different employees have different fruit preferences. But, on the whole, ensure you take into account the following factors and make the best possible purchase within the budget you have.

#1. Certain fruits are necessary in your fruit boxes

We are sure your employees love novelty and would be bored of eating the same fruit every day at work. While fruit boxes should certainly contain a specific ‘fruit of the day’ at times, there are some fruits that must feature prominently in your fruit box. Apples, bananas, oranges, and berries are available all year round, are beneficial to overall health, and must be eaten every day.

Make sure your fruit boxes are never delivered without these fruits in them. Furthermore, they are inexpensive and can be stored in refrigerators if no one eats them the same day.

#2 Seasonal fruits ensure the surprise element never fades off your fruit boxes

Kiwis, peaches, pineapples, custard apples, tangerines, and many more seasonal fruits aren’t available all year round. Make sure you include them specifically in your office fruit boxes during the peak season. Since most of your staff (particularly the ones who slave 24 x 7 at work) never get a chance to go to the market and see which fruits are in season, having exotic fruits ordered would make them feel truly happy.

Who knows, some fruits might be hugely popular and you’d instantly feature in everybody’s good books. Since seasonal fruits are rarely available, make sure you allow for a higher budget and order them in your fruit boxes every day.

#3 Make sure your fruit boxes are evenly flavored and mid-sized

Not every fruit is sweet, some are sour, some are acidic, and some taste bitter – make sure you have every flavor equally distributed in your fruit box orders. Moreover, huge fruit boxes are always a bad idea, especially in the beginning. You never know who would eat how much. Unless you have proper cold storage facilities at work, do not opt for huge size boxes.

If your employees develop a taste for fruits and you find fruit boxes instantly getting finished by your staff, ensure there are various mid size fruit boxes delivered, each with different fruits and flavors. This way there would be something in store for everyone.

#4 You could order occasional nuts and dry fruits in your fruit boxes

In case you are celebrating a successful project or a huge deal, why don’t you spread cheer amongst your employees too, with a few new additions in their fruit boxes? Dry fruits, nuts, expensive and delicious fruits with a personal note of appreciation is a great way to motivate employees.

Depending on your staff fruit preferences, make sure you choose the best fruit boxes and have fun and good health too, at work.