Fruit At Work: Keep Your Employees Engaged

Fruit At Work

Fruit At Work

Employee engagement is one of the most important aspects of human resource management. It is essential for all organizations to focus on the fact that employees who are well engaged within the work environment are content employees who in turn are responsible for the organization’s increase in productivity.

One of the major trends in employee engagement is the increased focus on employee health. There is now a very particular focus on employee health in the workplace.

Organizations are now, more than ever, making sure that their employees, who are their greatest assets, are working in an environment that is safe, healthy and conducive to outstanding employee engagement.

Providing a healthy work environment includes many aspects, such as safety at work, a harmonious working relationship with other co-workers and the management, facilities such as gym memberships and the availability of healthy food.

Fruit Delivery Service

Fruit Delivery Service

Food feeds the body and nourishes the mind. One of the most important aspects of keeping your employees engaged is by catering to one of their most basic needs: food.

Organizations usually have a good selection of foods available for their employees. The larger the organization, the more the variety of the food available. But variety does not always equate health.

 Most people are now aware of eating the right kind of foods to keep their minds and bodies in optimal condition. There is great awareness globally about the importance of nutrition and the short and long term effects it can have both physically and mentally.

A lot of people are committed to eating healthy at home. The problem usually arises when they are away from home. Workplaces in particular are the usual unhealthy food traps.

Most offices and companies have vending machines that are full of unhealthy snacks such chips, chocolate and fizzy drinks. Even most work cafeterias are no better. Although salads are mostly available, the presence of high fat dressings ensures that many people douse their healthy salads in unhealthy dressings and completely defeating the purpose of having a salad.

For years, the focus has been on providing high calorie foods for the workplace in the misplaced belief that such foods provide more energy for the employees to work. That may be true but energy from high fat and high sugar sources depletes as quickly as it comes, leaving the individual slow, depressed and prone to mood swings and even headaches.

Fortunately due to increased awareness, such attitudes are now quickly becoming a thing of the past. Providing fresh and healthy foods such as fresh fruit are is now a fast increasing trend at many organizations. When questioned, most employees claim that they are grateful for this change in the work environment as it is a struggle for many of them to try and eat healthy with so many high calorie and seriously unhealthy foods the only options at work.

Make healthy food an integral part of your employee engagement plan. Provide fresh fruit as a healthy, light, fresh and convenient option; your employees will thank you for it.