Fruit at my Company? Everybody Else is Doing It! What is Holding You Back?

Fruit At My Company

Fruit At My Company

We may feel ‘go green’ solutions are worth taking the plunge, second healthy living choices, and shout out our concord to ‘no-tobacco-and-no-smoking’ campaigns. But, when it comes to implementing the raw fruit diet at work, most companies hold back. ‘Fruit at my company’ is a great initiative that benefits both employees and the overall profits of any corporation – what makes you doubtful about the credibility of the program? Read on and we’re sure we can convince you to switch over to a fruitful office eventually.

If afternoon slumps, rising employee stress, and increased sick leaves are being observed in your company, maybe it is time to adopt to the ‘fruit at my company’ policy. Here is why:

#1: Fruits decrease brain and heart disorders

According to research, it is seen that at least 20% professionals who do not consume fruits regularly are prone to developing brain disorders and cardiac arrests. On the other hand, fruit at my company makes sure your employees enjoy work and are de-stressed and highly motivated all day. Moreover, for every fresh fruit you eat, stats show at least 40% less probability of developing a heart stroke.

#2: The happiness quotient at work is enhanced with fruits

A recent survey in Melbourne, Florida revealed that employees who had access to fruits at my company were happier than those who did not. Since Florida is a rich orange cultivating state, fruit at my company services are quite reputed in local companies, so there weren’t a lot of unhappy employees to begin with. This is a great sign. Florida is all set to become the ‘happiest state in the US’. Where does that leave you?

#3: Fruits make sure there is enthusiasm amongst employees at work

Right when everyone is looking dull and listless, call for a fruit at my company break and ensure that everyone is eating some fruit or the other in the office. This would not only make for great bonding time amongst employees, but also rejuvenate workers and lead to more productive work sessions. After all, you cannot expect employees to sit laboring on the computer terminals for hours all day, without a break, can you?

#4: Fruit at my company – benefits for your office productivity

A fruitful office is one that is full of fruits, instead of colas and caffeine. When you spend money ordering fruits at work, you also ensure that your employee’s health is enriched and thus decrease the amount of sick leave they ask you. When workers are boosted and energized completely, they are more prone to working faster with more emphasis on quality and accuracy. As a result, you would find your profits sky rocketing and your revenue soaring.

In short, you are blessed with a happy and progressive place to work in

Fruit at my company sure, helps you transform your bunch of employees into a happy family and extract more profit and happy business deals with them. Did we add – happiness is contagious. If your reps are happy, they would be dealing with more enthusiasm and are more polite with your customers and clients. You tend to become known as a great company to partner with in business circles too.

Thus, fruit at my company is a great way of making sure your work place is healthy, industrious, organized and cheerful.