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Mierhoopweg 34

B-3850 Wijer – Nieuwerkerken

The Idea

‘The idea originated in Scandinavia: As part of a healthy working environment, the delivery of fruit to organisations and companies on a weekly basis has known a huge success in certain countries such as Denmark during the last few years. Fruitsnacks wants to launch this idea in Flanders, Belgium as well. Learn more about Fruitsnacks on the Fruitsnacks website’

Countless advantages

‘Advice and information are not enough. To live healthily, people should eat healthily as well. Fruit can make a valuable contribution to this. Please take a look at the percentage page as well: all the advantages of Fruit at the office:

  • Fruit is an original extra-legal advantage for co-workers;
  • Fruit at the office gives the organisation and its co-workers a healthy image;
  • Fruit at the office helps improving concentration
  • Fruit at the office helps reducing the number of sick days;
  • Fruit at the office is experienced as something positive and motivational.’

Make a choice from the delicious assortment

  • ‘Consult the assortment of fruit baskets
  • The try-out basket: first fruit basket for free
  • Sending a fruit basket as a business gift
  • Ordering a fruit basket
  • A fresh fruit basket on a regular, weekly basis.’